Here is what some of our Suzuki parents have said about our programs!

STEP 1: Twinkle Toes Infant/Toddler (ages 6m-2yrs)

I am very pleased with the progress and development of my son, “T”, after joining Ms. Evelyn’s Step 1 Suzuki music class. This is not just a music inspiration class, but also a good occasion for my 2-year old boy to acquire social and interpersonal skills. It is a class for us to enjoy music and enjoy interactive times with other kids The class is full of fun and beautiful music. – (Portia, Suzuki STEP 1 mother, Son age 2)


The Suzuki STEP 1 Twinkle Toes program is excellent. My daughter, “K” looked forward to the class every week. It’s extremely well structured and very engaging for young children. The repetition of catchy children’s songs and actions appealed tremendously to my 18-month old. After just a few classes she was totally at ease with Ms. Evelyn and eager to sing and join in every week. We all still sing the songs and do the actions at home with her. Thank you Ms. Evelyn for instilling such a strong love of music and movement in my daughter. – (Komal, Suzuki Step 1 mother, Daughter age 18 months)

From Dr. Evelyn Osborne’s Canadian program:

Early Childhood Education is the cutting edge of Suzuki Method, and Suzuki programs across North America… [Dr. Evelyn Osborne] had the perspicacity to realize early on the vital importance of Suzuki ECE and pursue training in it. We at Suzuki Talent Education Program of Newfoundland, Canada, have found Ms. Evelyn’s Early Childhood classes to be a wonderful and invaluable addition to our program, preparing parents and toddlers to embark upon adventures with an instrument. Her tiny students enjoy the classes tremendously. One parent recently commented, “Evelyn is terrific! She hits the perfect balance between instruction and freedom.”

(Christina Smith, former Artistic Director of the Suzuki Talent Education Program, Newfoundland, Canada)

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STEP 3: Twinkling Stars Violin/Viola Program (beginners ages 4-7)

We first joined HKSMI a year ago when my son “J” started to learn violin at age four. I was referred by many of my friends to the reputable Suzuki “mother-tongue” approach.

As I get to know more about HKSMI, I’m more convinced of the creative and encouraging teaching method, the non-competitive environment, and the support group not only for the kids, but also for the parents.

We had a pleasant and inspiring first year of music learning in HKSMI. What massively impresses me are the concerts held throughout the year that help to build up confidence in budding musicians and raise their self-esteems.

Starting as a little boy who barely knows what a violin is, “J” is now able to play quite a few songs on his 1/10 violin. His achievement in the past year is so unexpectedly remarkable that it almost seems magical to me. The other day, he was humming a new song he had learnt and suddenly turned to me with sparkles in his eyes saying, “Mommy, I want to play this on my violin!” I can tell how much he is enjoying the journey of music.

And I’m glad that we started this journey with HKSMI.

(Ingrid, Suzuki STEP 3 mother, Son age 5)


Both my two girls, ages 6 and 7, enjoy learning from Ms. Evelyn and the Suzuki way of teaching very much. They are much more confident now to performance in front of people. Charlotte even brought her violin to school and played in front of her class and other classes during recess! In the past, I would never imagine she would be so brave. As a parent, I benefit tremendously from attending classes with the girls. Practicing violin has become my daily routine. I never thought I would be able to pick up a new instrument before we joined HKSMI.

(Jaslyn, Suzuki STEP 3 mother, Daughters ages 6 and 7)

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Further Studies (Ages 8-18)

“E” and “E” can’t remember the days when they started their Suzuki journey at the ages of 3 & 4. They don’t even recall that my husband and I had to learn to play the violin alongside them (but didn’t even finish Book 1 when they surpassed us at Minuet 3)! And now, 9 years (and 10 books) later, they cannot imagine how their lives might have been without the Suzuki method.

I feel blessed to say that I was able to be there with them every step of the way: every lesson, every group class, every recital, and every graduation. And now as they enter their teenage years, they continue with these lifelong skills beyond our home, joining their school orchestra and the HK Metropolitan Youth Orchestra. Through the Suzuki teaching, they’ve learned to practice diligently on their own, play passionately with their peers, and nurture others who might benefit from their music.

Every “please teach me” and “thank you for teaching me” bow that they take, I am reminded of how fortunate we are to have joined the studios of our loving Suzuki teachers Ms. Evelyn and Ms. Jennifer. We are so thankful to have walked down this path that Dr. Suzuki created, and hope that we have done justice to his philosophy “beautiful tone, beautiful heart”.

(Sandra, Suzuki Parent of Young Artists, Ages 12 and 13)

Testimonials About Our Faculty

I feel fortunate to have worked with Mr. Kian, both as a mentor and as a colleague. He is still missed by many of us in Denver!
Those who study with Mr. Kian are fortunate to have an exceptional teacher. In addition to benefiting from his skills as a player and pedagogue, students thrive under his careful, creative, and caring approach.

(Kathleen Spring – Suzuki Pedagogy Instructor, Lamont School of Music, University of Denver)

Dr. Osborne is highly motivated, intelligent, enthusiastic, creative, dedicated, and has a huge commitment to Suzuki Method. Her extensive training and experience gives her a long-term view of the musical education of the infants in her classes. Like Suzuki Sensei, she is ever in search of the new idea which will make a good thing even better, while at the same time having the perspective that experience gives.

(Christina Smith – former Artistic Director of the Suzuki Talent Education Program, Newfoundland, Canada)

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