Why is Suzuki Music Unique?

In Hong Kong there are so many music schools to choose from, so why choose Suzuki music education for your family?

His achievement in the past year is so unexpectedly remarkable that it almost seems magical...

The other day, he was humming a new song and suddenly turned to me with sparkles in his eyes saying, “Mommy, I want to play this on my violin!”

I can tell how much he is enjoying the journey of music.

I’m glad that we started this journey with HKSMI.

(Ingrid, Suzuki STEP 3 mother, Son age 5)

  • Positive Learning Environment

    At HKSMI we teach in a positive, nurturing, and immersive musical environment.

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  • Child-Centered Education

Each child progresses at their own pace and is allowed to explore their musical creativity.

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  • Parental Involvement is key!

Spend quality time with your children while learning music. We teach you how to help them at home!

Parent involvement is key to a well-rounded young musician who loves and excels in music!

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  • Success-oriented Teaching

Children and parents feel accomplished with the success-oriented step-by-step method of teaching complex tasks through small achievable goals. You will feel accomplished at every lesson!

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  • Social Music Method

    Children love to learn music with their family and friends!

  • Music Making in the Community

    There are many performance opportunities to increase your child’s confidence and presentation ability!

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  • Internationally Recognized Music Program

There are over 250,000 Suzuki students worldwide. No matter where you move there will be a Suzuki school near you!

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  • Talent Education, Every Child Can

    “Talented” children are simply taught be talented. Every child can love, learn, and excel in music!

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  • Music for the Love of Music (not for exams only)

    Suzuki method is non-competitive. Children perform graded graduations only when they are ready. How can you grade the joy of making music?

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  • Highly Qualified and Experienced Teachers

Suzuki teachers are specially trained to work with young children and bring them to a high standard of playing.

At HKSMI, we only hire certified Suzuki teachers who have taken extensive extra training beyond their university music degrees.

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  • A 3-Step and beyond Family music program!

At HKSMI, we are planning for your family’s musical future. We will have programming for your child and family as they grow!

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  • Highly Respected Philosophy Guides the STEP-by-STEP Program

We follow the philosophy of the highly respected Japanese pedagogue, Dr. Shinichi Suzuki (1898-1998). The seven fundamental concepts of the Suzuki educational philosophy are:

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To learn even more about Dr. Suzuki and the Suzuki Talent Education Movement internationally, please see our Learn More about the Suzuki Method Page

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