What to Expect for Parents

“Children learn to smile from their parents” – S. Suzuki

As a parent, I benefit tremendously from attending classes with the girls.

Practicing violin has become my daily routine. I never thought I would be able to pick up a new instrument before we joined HKSMI.

(Jaslyn, Suzuki STEP 3 mother, Daughters ages 6 and 7)

The Suzuki Triangle

Have you always wanted to be a part of your child’s musical education? With Suzuki education you can!

In the Suzuki Method, parents are involved in every aspect of their child’s musical education by learning the music and coaching their children at home.

The teacher and parent work together for the betterment of the child’s character, spirit, and musical ability.

Ideally, one parent should be the Suzuki parent for consistency, although both are encouraged to take active roles.

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STEP 1: Infant-Toddler Music (1m-36m)

STEP 1 is the first step in HKSMI’s 3-step family music program. It is a fun and engaging musical class where you and your infant or toddler can make music together! We listen to live performances and play on real instruments!

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STEP 2: Pre-Violin Class (Age 3)

STEP 2 is the second step in HKSMI’s 3-step family music program. This class is intended to prepare the young child for the full instrumental program at 4 years old.

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STEP 3: Instrumental Program (Beginners, Ages 4-7)

STEP 3 is the third and final step for beginner musicians in HKSMI’s programming. Once they enter STEP 3, they will continue with their musical studies through secondary school and the programming will grow with them.

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There are series of graduation events during a child’s Suzuki music experience.

At the end of each book, there is a celebration of the students musical accomplishment and growth.

There are three components to a graduation: 1) in-lesson performance; 2) a recording for evaluation purposes; 3)and a group concert where each graduate will receive a Certificate of Achievement.

Exams and Competitions

The Suzuki philosophy is non-competitive. Therefore, HKSMI teachers do not prepare students for competitions or exams.

At HKSMI we believe that all children should enjoy music for its own sake and the joy it brings to their family, friends and community.

You could say that the Suzuki philosophy sees a world of people with whom we can cooperate, rather a world of people with whom to compete. In competitions there is only one winner.

Upon seeing hundreds of Suzuki students performing together in 1961, great cellist Pabolo Casals was moved to tears and stated that “Maybe music will save the world!”


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