STEP 2: Pre-Violin Program (Age 3)

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Highlights of our STEP 2: Pre-Violin Program (Age 3)

  • Musically Focused.
  • ca. 24 Musical Activities every class.
  • Activities focus on preparing for violin/pre-violin games.
  • Children make music – singing, dancing, playing percussion.
  • Lots of movement for active 3-year olds.
  • Experienced and trained teachers.
  • Live Violin Music Every Class.
    • Develops English Language & Social Skills.
    • Develops Fine Motor Skills.
    • Increases Attention Span & Focus.
    • Lots of Movement & Freedom to be Creative!
    • Multi-Layered Progressive Curriculum.
      • No need to “keep up” with the class.
      • Students progress at their own pace appropriate for 3 year olds.
      • Join whenever you are ready.
      • Parents Participate too!
        • No musical experience or instruments needed.
        • Class Limit of 5.
        • 55-min weekly class.
          • Occasional Special Performances by young violinists in class.
          • 2 concerts per year in which the STEP 2 students and parents perform!
          • 2nd STEP of the 3-STEP Suzuki Family Music Program!
            • Those who have completed STEP 2 are given priority for entering STEP 3 Violin & Viola
  • Schedule for August 2018:

    • Open Classes:  Saturdays 930am and 1030am, Wednesdays 2pm
    • Other classes will be added based on interest.
  • Trial Class:

    • $300
  • Tuition:

    • $500 per class.
    • Tuition is pro-rated from registration date.
    • 36-weeks per year, two 18-week terms per year
    • Be in touch for more details on registration.

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Would you like your three year old to prepare to play the violin? Are you unsure if they is ready for structured lessons? Then our STEP 2 program is for you!

This weekly 55-min class is designed for parents and young children who are interested in playing a string instrument but are not quite ready for structured private/group lessons. It takes into account the active 3 year old and alternates between movement and sitting still to focus.

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  • Listening and following directions from parent/teacher.
  • A refined sense of rhythm, melody, and movement in music.

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