STEP 2: Pre-Violin Program (Age 3)

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Highlights of our STEP 2: Pre-Violin Program (Age 3)

  • Musically Focused.
  • ca. 24 Musical Activities every class.
  • Activities focus on preparing for violin/pre-violin games.
  • Children make music – singing, dancing, playing percussion.
  • Lots of movement for active 3-year olds.
  • Experienced and trained teachers.
  • Live Violin Music Every Class.
    • Develops English Language & Social Skills.
    • Develops Fine Motor Skills.
    • Increases Attention Span & Focus.
    • Lots of Movement & Freedom to be Creative!
    • Multi-Layered Progressive Curriculum.
      • No need to “keep up” with the class.
      • Students progress at their own pace appropriate for 3 year olds.
      • Join whenever you are ready.
      • Parents Participate too!
        • No musical experience or instruments needed.
        • Class Limit of 5.
        • 55-min weekly class.
          • Occasional Special Performances by young violinists in class.
          • 2 concerts per year in which the STEP 2 students and parents perform!
          • 2nd STEP of the 3-STEP Suzuki Family Music Program!
            • Those who have completed STEP 2 are given priority for entering STEP 3 Violin & Viola
  • Schedule for August 2018:

    • Open Classes:
    • Wednesdays 2pm
    • Saturdays 9:30, 10:30,11:30, 12:30
    • Other classes will be added based on interest.
  • Tuition:

    • Tuition is pro-rated from registration date.
    • 36-weeks per year, two 18-week terms per year
    • Be in touch for more details on registration.

Register for STEP 2

Would you like your three year old to prepare to play the violin? Are you unsure if they is ready for structured lessons? Then our STEP 2 program is for you!

This weekly 55-min class is designed for parents and young children who are interested in playing a string instrument but are not quite ready for structured private/group lessons. It takes into account the active 3 year old and alternates between movement and sitting still to focus.

[read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”] With the help of their parent and teacher the child will develop more precise rhythm, add musical terms, and teach off-instrument and social skills, needed to prepare the young child for instrumental lessons.

This class has a progressive curriculum in which we start without instruments, then add practice (box) violins, and when the class is ready, we’ll move to real instruments by the end of the musical year. For students who join part way through the year, the activities will be layered for their abilities. Each child progresses at their own pace, aided by their parent and teacher.

Children and parents in this class are expected to start observing other string classes at HKSMI in order to prepare for STEP 3 Violin & Viola Program.

Instruments are not required for this class at the start, but adult participation is essential! [/read]


  • Listening and following directions from parent/teacher.
  • A refined sense of rhythm, melody, and movement in music.

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  • Socialization
  • Willingness to participate.
  • Bonding between parent and child.
  • Language
  • Inner Discipline – learning to take turns, sit still etc.
  • Appropriate class room behaviour.
  • Beginnings of practice habit.
  • Refining motor skills and body awareness/balance.
  • Parents begin learning how to coach their child in class and at home.



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