Seeking Awesome Full-Time Suzuki Violin Teacher

Position Name: Full-Time Suzuki Violin Teacher

Location: Western Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong, SAR, China

Description: The Hong Kong Suzuki Music Institute (HKSMI) opened its doors in 2015 in an up-and-coming area of Hong Kong Island. We currently have two full-time teachers and two part-time teachers in violin, viola, piano and early childhood. We are seeking another full-time violin teacher to accommodate our growing and dynamic international community. Our faculty consists both of international and local teachers (Canada, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong). We currently have over 50 violin students ranging from pre-twinkles to beyond Book 10, and a brand new piano program. We have over 70 families in total.

HKSMI runs a 3-STEP Family Music Program including early childhood (0-36m), pre-twinkle group (3-year olds), and regular Suzuki lessons starting at 4 years old. We collaborate with the other Suzuki school and studios in the city and hold a joint concert at least once a year. To read about our program please see our website at and our FB page HK Suzuki Music Institute.

Language of instruction is English.

Hong Kong is an exciting and easy place to live with a mix of eastern and western cultures, where English is a widely spoken official language. As a major travel hub, you can travel easily throughout Asia and to Europe or North America. Known as Asia’s World City, Hong Kong has world-class orchestras and performance spaces. Many of the great performing artists come to Hong Kong on tour. There are several part-time professional orchestras in the city and various opportunities for performance of various styles. Hong Kong is a city of contrasts from densely populated urban markets in the tallest high-rise city on earth, to rural farming villages with feral cattle wandering about. In one day you can hike mountains, eat to your hearts delight, and attend a premiere concert in the evening. If you like hiking, Hong Kong is your city. Check out Drone and Phone (no affiliation with HKSMI, just great hiking videos). More information at Hong Kong Tourism

HKSMI itself is located in the western district of Hong Kong Island, the subway (MTR), street cars, and bus routes are just outside our door. We overlook Victoria Harbour. We are in a small neighbourhood called Shek Tong Tsui near Hong Kong University (HKU). Shek Tong Tsui is nestled between the historic and colourful streets of Sai Ying Pun/Sheung and the affluent area of Kennedy Town with its plethora of coffee shops, western style restaurants and young families.

Duties: Basic teaching duties will consist of a maximum of twenty-seven contact teaching hours per week, as well as special events during the regular school year. This teaching may include, but is not limited to: master classes, private lessons, group classes, parent seminars, ensembles, musicianship classes, parent groups/lectures, and assisting with early childhood and/or other classes. If the Teacher is qualified in other areas, they may be asked to teach classes in their specialization. There will be thirty-six teaching weeks spread over 39 or 40 weeks between the middle of August and the end of June each year, plus make-up lesson time in cases of Teacher absence due to illness or travel. The thirty-six weeks will include one week of Parent-Teacher conferences. The summer term will consist of three weeks of teaching in July and/or early August. There are regular concerts and events. Extra optional teaching during holidays is paid on an hourly rate. Hong Kong observes both Chinese and Western holidays so there are breaks four times during the school year. We currently expect to start a new teacher with between 15 and 25 students.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Music degree in Violin; All books up to and including book 4 registered with SAA or other international Suzuki Association, 3 years Suzuki teaching experience. English fluency in speaking, reading and writing as the language of instruction is English. Special consideration for those with a second instrument. We are seeking an enthusiastic and flexible teacher who loves working closely with parents and young children.

Salary: Full Salary Commensurate with experience; medical benefits; work visa; professional development stipend for 2-year contracts. Contract starts August 15th, 2018.

Contact: Kindly contact for more information and/or send your CV, links for your teaching videos (preferably Pre-Twinkle/Book 1 and a group class), contact information for three references and a cover letter detailing your teaching philosophy.

Evan’s Master Class with an Inspiring Violinist

One of our HKSMI student’s Evan Chen (13) was able to study with Adrian Anantawan, a violinist with only one arm, who came to Hong Kong this winter and performed with the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra. Here is his experience of working with Adrian!

Masterclass with Adrian Anantawan

On the 2nd of March, I had the privilege and opportunity to be able to have a master class with Adrian Anantawan, a globally known professional violinist with only one hand. I played the piece “Meditation” by Jules Massenet, and I felt that it was an excellent experience and provided some inspiration for me. I learnt that if you want to get better at something, the only way to do it is to practice every day and as hard as you can. Although we only had around 10 to 15 minutes together, I really enjoyed the process and felt that he gave excellent feedback and advice. He was able to turn his advice from something that not everyone understood, into a context that everyone did. After the masterclass, I also watched his concert which took place two days later, and this was where he spoke about how he grew up and began to play the violin. I felt that this was even more inspirational and moving that he was able to overcome the odds of playing the violin with one hand, and this will continue to inspire me to become a better player.

by Evan Chen

World Sonata Project

HKSMI teachers are dynamic and interesting people, performers, and scholars whose wide world views help their students understand music in a global and holistic sense – not just fingers and notes!! Read up on Mr. Kian’s latest project!

World Sonata Project

It came about when Stephanie Ann Boyd, a classical composer in New York City reached out to me last August to put together a project called the World Sonata Project (WSP).

The WSP is a large scale co-commission that is bringing new music to every corner of the world in 2017, with 50 violinists from around the world premiering in their home country or region a new solo sonata for violin that the American composer has written. The WSP is actually the second of a two year work dedicated to the life and work of John Kendall, the man who brought the Suzuki method to the US in the 1960s and was Stephanie’s violin teacher!

The goal is to perform the work in its entirety, solo i.e. without any accompaniment, as a tribute to Mr. Kendall and in whatever setting the commissioners feel appropriate. I am fortunate to have had many amazing teachers, friends and colleagues who encouraged, challenged me throughout my musical studies and career. They showed me kindness and the values of humanity, I feel a compelling urge to share this wonderful piece of music together with some other pieces of my choice for a cause; raising funds for charity (to be determined).

I have, since the first encounter in August 2016, had a few video conferences and an in-person meet up with Stephanie in NYC to discuss the project. Stephanie is an absolute delight to work with, a seasoned traveller whose presence exudes affability. We talked about places we have travelled, people and cultures, food and coffee, and everything in between. This particular work encapsulates a vast array of emotions, it is a violinistic portrait of different parts of the world.

I am looking forward to performing the work, together with some of my favourite pieces! I hope to see you at the recital!

Check out Stephanie’s latest updates at

And recital info at



Stephanie and Kian

Introducing Mr. Kian Chong – Suzuki Violin Teacher

Mr. Kian joined HKSMI in August 2015 and we are so happy to have him here with his gentle but firm approach to teaching, deep knowledge, and great energy!! The following is his welcome letter :-). Feel free to be in touch to study with him, he only has a couple of spots left for new violin students!
Nei Hou, Hong Kong!

It is so wonderful to have the opportunity to live in the city they called the Pearl of the Orient. I am enjoying all the delicious food that HK has to offer, friendly hikes, gorgeous islands and beaches. You name it!

Prior to Hong Kong, I have spent three wonderful years in the beautiful state of Colorado, where I obtained my graduate degree in Music and Suzuki Pedagogy. I went teaching full time during my last year of residence in the US as a string instructor. I taught and assisted several string/Suzuki programmes as well as my own violin studio of 15 students whose faces I could still remember today! There was this elementary band and orchestra programme where I met with students of different string instruments (violin, viola, cello, and bass) for five days a week, starting 7 in the morning, phew! It was a fun programme to teach nonetheless as the students are all enthusiastic to learn, we played several concerts and went on a district tour in just one short year!

Growing up, I have always been fascinated by people who could play music so beautifully regardless of instruments. I was the brother who refused to change channel as there was music performance on the broadcast. Thanks to my wonderful, supportive parents for not saying no that year when I came home saying that I want to take up violin lessons…and the rest is history. From regular weekly lessons (insert countless hours of practising and listening), I went on to pursuing music degrees, travelled to many places I never thought I could, played many concerts in many beautiful concert halls and churches, and made so many good friends all over the world.

I cannot imagine a world without music, I enjoy both performing and teaching immensely. Therefore It is my wish to share this gift with all my students here in HK! Let’s learn, love, play, grow together.

Yours musically,

(Mr.) Kian Chong

Dalcroze Movement Classes for Children at HKSMI

HKSMI is pleased to announce new Dalcroze classes with Sui Ming Chu starting on January 11th.

Dalcroze nurtures musical and creative movement in children and their parents.

Classes are on Wednesdays starting January 11th

For 2 year olds classes are either 2:30 or 5:30

For 3 year olds, classes are 3:30

For 4 and 5 year olds classes are 4:30

Please see the flyer here: flyer-winter-term-in-suzuki-institute-2017

Dear Parent,

My name is Sui Ming. I am a concert pianist and have been teaching children and adults Dalcroze
classes for many years in London, Geneva and Hong Kong. Dalcroze eurhythmics is one of the
three world renowned music education. It is a sound education through moving. From listening to
improvised piano and move, children develop holistically in building senses of music such as
rhythm and form, developing concentration and coordination, cultivating imagination and creativity
through improvisation, learn how to work in group, and building songs and musical repertoire.
Along with building literacy of music, children develop a life long love for music and movement.

Explaining the lesson
Dalcroze Eurhythmics is founded on the theory that all rhythms in music have their roots in the
rhythms of the human body and can be experienced through movement. The core value of this innovative
method is to foster musicianship and creative development in children through a holistic
approach of music and movement.
Each lesson is conducted through age appropriate music and movement games in a group setting.
Auditory, visual and tactile stimulants are used while accompanied on the piano, children respond
interactively through movement- not just singing, clapping and stepping but natural movements
such as walking, running, skipping, jumping- to interweave notions of time, space and energy.
Through these movements, students develop their physical comprehension of musical elements
such as pulse, rhythm, metre, pitch, tempo, harmony, phrasing and form.
This modality of teaching is proven to develop individual interpretation and expression. The children
acquire a sense of space and coordination. Their concentration and memory improve while
they also learn to collaborate with others in a group setting.
Dalcroze children are creative and imaginative, confident and happy, fond of music and movement,
and provide a good foundation for learning musical instruments and other art forms later.

Three approaches:
1) Eurhythmics: (Greek for good rhythm)
Skilful execution of gesture and body movement to explore musics relationship to time, weight,
space and energy.
2) Solfeggi: (Italian for singing with sol-fa syllables)
Developing ear training and musical literacy through solfeggi singing and movement.

3) Improvisation:
Realisation, adaptation and creation of musical thought and movement.

Lesson outcomes:
Movement skills: body consciousness/ coordination; enhanced sense of space, direction and the
way the body shapes to express different levels of dynamics; body balance, control and gait; tension
and release; imitation, expression and creation of movement; simple choreography.
Music skills: enhanced sense of musical elements such as pulse, pitch, rhythm, metre, melody,
harmony, phrasing and form; singing, appreciation and interpretation of a wide variety of music;
imitation and production of new sounds improvisation; Music literacy through solfeggi and notation.
Personal skills: concentration, coordination, mind-body connection, enjoyment of music and
movement, ability to work with others in a common creative purpose.

Brief biography
Sui Ming Chu, concert pianist, graduated from Guildhall school of Music and Drama GGSM ( London,
UK) and first ever certified HK Chinese Dalcroze teacher: BA Hes-so in music and movement
(Institute Jaques Dalcroze, Geneva) and UK Dalcroze Certificate. She has over 10 years experience
in teaching with this method in Europe and Hong Kong for children and adults. Since relocating
back to HK in 2009, she has been teaching in schools, universities, performing arts institutions, art
festivals and professional dance and theatre companies including HKAPA and Shanghai Orchestra
Academy. In 2012, she started the HK Dalcroze Music Center and launched a series of childrens courses in HKCS, Lick Hang kindergarten, Casa dei Bambibi Montessori, and Yew Chung International School, YALC.
In her piano teaching, she aims to help each student build a firm foundation of sensory integration
( to develop power of listening, thinking, and feeling in their reading and playing) using wide- ranging
musical repertoire combined with improvisation exercises to unlock their potential for expressive
technique and a personalised relationship to the instrument.


2016-2017 Calendar for HKSMI

Hong Kong Suzuki Music Institute Calendar 2016-2017

(August 23, 2016-June 30, 2017) 36-lesson weeks within 40-week calendar. This calendar roughly follows the English School Foundation annual calendar.


Week Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 Aug. 23 Aug. 24 Aug. 25 Aug. 26 Aug. 27
2 Aug. 30 Aug. 31 Sept. 1 Sept. 2 Sept. 3
3 Sept. 6 Sept. 7 Sept. 8 Sept. 9 Sept. 10
4 Sept. 13 Sept. 14 Sept. 15 Sept. 23 Sept. 17
5 Sept. 20 Sept. 21 Sept. 22 Sept. 30 Sept. 24
6 Sept. 27 Sept. 28 Sept. 29 Oct. 7 Oct. 8
7 Oct. 4 Oct. 5 Oct. 6 Oct.21 Oct. 15
8 Oct. 18 Oct. 19 Oct. 20 Oct. 28 Oct. 22
9 Oct. 25 Oct. 26 Oct. 27 Nov. 4 Oct. 29
10 Nov. 1 Nov. 2 Nov. 3 Nov. 11 Nov. 5
11 Nov. 8 Nov. 9 Nov. 10 Nov. 18 Nov. 12
12 Nov. 15 Nov. 16 Nov. 17 Nov. 25 Nov. 19
13 Nov. 22 Nov. 23 Nov. 24 Dec. 2 Nov. 26
14 Nov. 29 Nov. 30 Dec. 1 Dec. 9 Dec. 3
15 Dec. 6 Dec. 7 Dec. 8 Dec. 16 Dec. 10
16 Dec. 13 Dec. 14 Dec. 15 Jan. 6 Dec. 17
17 Jan. 3 Jan. 4 Jan. 5 Jan. 13 Jan. 7
18 Jan. 10 Jan. 11 Jan.12 Jan. 20 Jan. 14
19 Jan. 17 Jan. 18 Jan. 19 Jan. 27 Jan. 21
20 Jan. 24 Jan. 25 Jan. 26 Feb. 10 Feb. 11
21 Feb. 7 Feb. 8 Feb. 9 Feb. 17 Feb. 18
22 Feb. 14 Feb. 15 Feb. 16 Feb. 24 Feb. 25
23 Feb. 21 Feb. 22 Feb. 23 March 3 March 4
24 Feb. 28 March 1 March 2 Mar. 10 March 11
25 March 7 March 8 March 9 Mar. 17 March 18
26 March 14 March 15 March 16 Mar. 24 March 25
27 March 21 March 22 March 23 Mar. 31 April 1
28 March 28 March 29 March 30 April 7 April 8
29 April 18 April 5 April 6 April 21 April 22
30 April 25 April 19 April 20 April 28 April 29
31 May 2 April 26 April 27 May 5 May 6
32 May 9 May 10 May 4 May12 May 13
33 May 16 May 17 May 11 May 19 May 20
34 May 23 May 24 May 18 May 26 May 27
35 June 6 May 31 May 25 June 2 June 3
36 June13 June 7 June 1 June 9 June 10
**37 June 20* June 14* June 8* June 16* June 17*
**38 June 27* June 21* June15* June 23* June 24*
**39 n/a June 28* June 22* June 30* n/a
**40 n/a n/a June 29* n/a n/a

An * indicates that these are make-up lesson weeks to be used in case of teacher absence due to illness or travel. Please include these in your calendar and be prepared to attend if need be. Make-up lessons for teacher absence may also occur closer to the missed lesson day and/or on a single-day public holiday.

Important Dates:

Public Holidays & School Breaks (no classes except for make-ups due to teacher absence.)

Friday, September 16th Day after Mid-Autumn Festival

Saturday, October 1st National Day

Monday, October 10th Friday October 14th Autumn Break

Monday, December 19th Monday, January 2nd Christmas/Gregorian New Year

Saturday, January 28th Monday February 6th Lunar/Chinese New Year Break

Tuesday, April 4th Ching Ming Festival

Monday April 10th– Monday, April 17th Easter Break

Monday, May 1st Labour Day

Wednesday, May 3rd Buddhas Birthday

Tuesday, May 30th Dragon Boat Festival

Saturday, July 1st Hong Kong Day (and Canada Day!)

Concerts and Events (details TBA) concert will generally be in lieu of group classes

Saturday, September 17th Public Play-In (no group classes)

Saturday, October 29th Possible Halloween Play-In (no groups tba)

Saturday, December 3rd Afternoon concert, City Hall Recital Hall (no group classes)

Saturday, April 1st concert tba

Saturday, June 3rd or June 10th Year-End concert (no groups)

Other dates will be added as they arise!

For questions about calendar or events, email or your teacher directly.

Introducing HKSMI

Welcome to the blog for the Hong Kong Suzuki Music Institute (HKSMI). We are a new Suzuki music school opened in Shuk Tong Tsui, Hong Kong in September of 2015.

This blog will feature new updates on events at the school, practicing advice for parents, celebrate students successes (from small to big!), and provide discussions regarding various aspects of music education. I will also link it to our forthcoming YouTube channel so you can see videos of the songs and activities we do in our lessons.

Feel free to visit our Facebook page at Hong Kong Suzuki Music Institute. If you are a parent at the school please join our discussion group at HK Suzuki Music Parents Group.

We are a family-oriented school and already have over 20 families already studying music with us. The children range from infants through teenagers and the parents are also learning too!

HKSMI has a Three-Step Suzuki Talent Education Family Music Program:

Step 1 Twinkle Toes: Infant/Toddler Music (0-3)

Step 2 Twinkle Fingers: Pre-Instrument Program (3-4)

Step 3 Twinkling Stars: Violin/Viola Program (3.5/4+)

As the school grows we will have orchestras, music reading classes, fiddle classes and more!!

HKSMI was an idea started three years ago when three families came together and decided to open a new Suzuki school in Hong Kong. In 2014, they connected with Dr. Evelyn Osborne, a Canadian Suzuki teacher and ethnomusicologist, and a year later she moved to HK to become the founding executive director of HKSMI. Please see Dr. Osborne’s bio here in “About Us.”

Together as team, we are planning big things for HKSMI’s musical future!! We hope you will join us on this blog and/or in person for a fun-filled and loving introduction to music for your family!

To contact us simply email or see our Contact Us page on our website

See a slideshow of our program below!

3-Step Family Music Program