World Sonata Project

HKSMI teachers are dynamic and interesting people, performers, and scholars whose wide world views help their students understand music in a global and holistic sense – not just fingers and notes!! Read up on Mr. Kian’s latest project!

World Sonata Project

It came about when Stephanie Ann Boyd, a classical composer in New York City reached out to me last August to put together a project called the World Sonata Project (WSP).

The WSP is a large scale co-commission that is bringing new music to every corner of the world in 2017, with 50 violinists from around the world premiering in their home country or region a new solo sonata for violin that the American composer has written. The WSP is actually the second of a two year work dedicated to the life and work of John Kendall, the man who brought the Suzuki method to the US in the 1960s and was Stephanie’s violin teacher!

The goal is to perform the work in its entirety, solo i.e. without any accompaniment, as a tribute to Mr. Kendall and in whatever setting the commissioners feel appropriate. I am fortunate to have had many amazing teachers, friends and colleagues who encouraged, challenged me throughout my musical studies and career. They showed me kindness and the values of humanity, I feel a compelling urge to share this wonderful piece of music together with some other pieces of my choice for a cause; raising funds for charity (to be determined).

I have, since the first encounter in August 2016, had a few video conferences and an in-person meet up with Stephanie in NYC to discuss the project. Stephanie is an absolute delight to work with, a seasoned traveller whose presence exudes affability. We talked about places we have travelled, people and cultures, food and coffee, and everything in between. This particular work encapsulates a vast array of emotions, it is a violinistic portrait of different parts of the world.

I am looking forward to performing the work, together with some of my favourite pieces! I hope to see you at the recital!

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