Introducing Mr. Kian Chong – Suzuki Violin Teacher

Mr. Kian joined HKSMI in August 2015 and we are so happy to have him here with his gentle but firm approach to teaching, deep knowledge, and great energy!! The following is his welcome letter :-). Feel free to be in touch to study with him, he only has a couple of spots left for new violin students!
Nei Hou, Hong Kong!

It is so wonderful to have the opportunity to live in the city they called the Pearl of the Orient. I am enjoying all the delicious food that HK has to offer, friendly hikes, gorgeous islands and beaches. You name it!

Prior to Hong Kong, I have spent three wonderful years in the beautiful state of Colorado, where I obtained my graduate degree in Music and Suzuki Pedagogy. I went teaching full time during my last year of residence in the US as a string instructor. I taught and assisted several string/Suzuki programmes as well as my own violin studio of 15 students whose faces I could still remember today! There was this elementary band and orchestra programme where I met with students of different string instruments (violin, viola, cello, and bass) for five days a week, starting 7 in the morning, phew! It was a fun programme to teach nonetheless as the students are all enthusiastic to learn, we played several concerts and went on a district tour in just one short year!

Growing up, I have always been fascinated by people who could play music so beautifully regardless of instruments. I was the brother who refused to change channel as there was music performance on the broadcast. Thanks to my wonderful, supportive parents for not saying no that year when I came home saying that I want to take up violin lessons…and the rest is history. From regular weekly lessons (insert countless hours of practising and listening), I went on to pursuing music degrees, travelled to many places I never thought I could, played many concerts in many beautiful concert halls and churches, and made so many good friends all over the world.

I cannot imagine a world without music, I enjoy both performing and teaching immensely. Therefore It is my wish to share this gift with all my students here in HK! Let’s learn, love, play, grow together.

Yours musically,

(Mr.) Kian Chong