Dalcroze Movement Classes for Children at HKSMI

HKSMI is pleased to announce new Dalcroze classes with Sui Ming Chu starting on January 11th.

Dalcroze nurtures musical and creative movement in children and their parents.

Classes are on Wednesdays starting January 11th

For 2 year olds classes are either 2:30 or 5:30

For 3 year olds, classes are 3:30

For 4 and 5 year olds classes are 4:30

Please see the flyer here: flyer-winter-term-in-suzuki-institute-2017

Dear Parent,

My name is Sui Ming. I am a concert pianist and have been teaching children and adults Dalcroze
classes for many years in London, Geneva and Hong Kong. Dalcroze eurhythmics is one of the
three world renowned music education. It is a sound education through moving. From listening to
improvised piano and move, children develop holistically in building senses of music such as
rhythm and form, developing concentration and coordination, cultivating imagination and creativity
through improvisation, learn how to work in group, and building songs and musical repertoire.
Along with building literacy of music, children develop a life long love for music and movement.

Explaining the lesson
Dalcroze Eurhythmics is founded on the theory that all rhythms in music have their roots in the
rhythms of the human body and can be experienced through movement. The core value of this innovative
method is to foster musicianship and creative development in children through a holistic
approach of music and movement.
Each lesson is conducted through age appropriate music and movement games in a group setting.
Auditory, visual and tactile stimulants are used while accompanied on the piano, children respond
interactively through movement- not just singing, clapping and stepping but natural movements
such as walking, running, skipping, jumping- to interweave notions of time, space and energy.
Through these movements, students develop their physical comprehension of musical elements
such as pulse, rhythm, metre, pitch, tempo, harmony, phrasing and form.
This modality of teaching is proven to develop individual interpretation and expression. The children
acquire a sense of space and coordination. Their concentration and memory improve while
they also learn to collaborate with others in a group setting.
Dalcroze children are creative and imaginative, confident and happy, fond of music and movement,
and provide a good foundation for learning musical instruments and other art forms later.

Three approaches:
1) Eurhythmics: (Greek for good rhythm)
Skilful execution of gesture and body movement to explore musics relationship to time, weight,
space and energy.
2) Solfeggi: (Italian for singing with sol-fa syllables)
Developing ear training and musical literacy through solfeggi singing and movement.

3) Improvisation:
Realisation, adaptation and creation of musical thought and movement.

Lesson outcomes:
Movement skills: body consciousness/ coordination; enhanced sense of space, direction and the
way the body shapes to express different levels of dynamics; body balance, control and gait; tension
and release; imitation, expression and creation of movement; simple choreography.
Music skills: enhanced sense of musical elements such as pulse, pitch, rhythm, metre, melody,
harmony, phrasing and form; singing, appreciation and interpretation of a wide variety of music;
imitation and production of new sounds improvisation; Music literacy through solfeggi and notation.
Personal skills: concentration, coordination, mind-body connection, enjoyment of music and
movement, ability to work with others in a common creative purpose.

Brief biography
Sui Ming Chu, concert pianist, graduated from Guildhall school of Music and Drama GGSM ( London,
UK) and first ever certified HK Chinese Dalcroze teacher: BA Hes-so in music and movement
(Institute Jaques Dalcroze, Geneva) and UK Dalcroze Certificate. She has over 10 years experience
in teaching with this method in Europe and Hong Kong for children and adults. Since relocating
back to HK in 2009, she has been teaching in schools, universities, performing arts institutions, art
festivals and professional dance and theatre companies including HKAPA and Shanghai Orchestra
Academy. In 2012, she started the HK Dalcroze Music Center and launched a series of childrens courses in HKCS, Lick Hang kindergarten, Casa dei Bambibi Montessori, and Yew Chung International School, YALC.
In her piano teaching, she aims to help each student build a firm foundation of sensory integration
( to develop power of listening, thinking, and feeling in their reading and playing) using wide- ranging
musical repertoire combined with improvisation exercises to unlock their potential for expressive
technique and a personalised relationship to the instrument.