Introducing HKSMI

Welcome to the blog for the Hong Kong Suzuki Music Institute (HKSMI). We are a new Suzuki music school opened in Shuk Tong Tsui, Hong Kong in September of 2015.

This blog will feature new updates on events at the school, practicing advice for parents, celebrate students successes (from small to big!), and provide discussions regarding various aspects of music education. I will also link it to our forthcoming YouTube channel so you can see videos of the songs and activities we do in our lessons.

Feel free to visit our Facebook page at Hong Kong Suzuki Music Institute. If you are a parent at the school please join our discussion group at HK Suzuki Music Parents Group.

We are a family-oriented school and already have over 20 families already studying music with us. The children range from infants through teenagers and the parents are also learning too!

HKSMI has a Three-Step Suzuki Talent Education Family Music Program:

Step 1 Twinkle Toes: Infant/Toddler Music (0-3)

Step 2 Twinkle Fingers: Pre-Instrument Program (3-4)

Step 3 Twinkling Stars: Violin/Viola Program (3.5/4+)

As the school grows we will have orchestras, music reading classes, fiddle classes and more!!

HKSMI was an idea started three years ago when three families came together and decided to open a new Suzuki school in Hong Kong. In 2014, they connected with Dr. Evelyn Osborne, a Canadian Suzuki teacher and ethnomusicologist, and a year later she moved to HK to become the founding executive director of HKSMI. Please see Dr. Osborne’s bio here in “About Us.”

Together as team, we are planning big things for HKSMI’s musical future!! We hope you will join us on this blog and/or in person for a fun-filled and loving introduction to music for your family!

To contact us simply email or see our Contact Us page on our website

See a slideshow of our program below!

3-Step Family Music Program